Honoring Family Scholarship in Second Year

Mar 15th, 2012

Diocesan Catholic High School Students Benefit

Last year, the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph unveiled its Strategic Plan for Catholic Schools. Two years in the making, the plan is a roadmap for strengthening Catholic school education throughout the diocese.

In recognition of the sacrifices that families make to send their children to Catholic schools, the diocese established the Honoring Family Scholarship program. This program offers each family with a student enrolled in a diocesan high school and at least one other student enrolled in diocesan school a scholarship for the oldest child.

Our diocese is committed to providing a Catholic education to as many students as possible,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Daniel Peters. “Studies show that adult Catholics who have benefitted from Catholic schools are more likely to remain close to the faith throughout their lives," he said. "Our schools produce adults with the tools and knowledge to sustain families, to make moral decisions, and to be productive members of society."

Part of the Bright Futures Fund, Honoring Family Scholarship offers a partial tuition grant to the oldest child in the family for each year he or she attends a diocesan high school.  Scholarship eligibility is not based on need. Eligible families should download an application and return it by April 16 to one of the four diocesan high schools.

• Archbishop O’Hara – (816) 763-4800
• Bishop LeBlond – (816) 279-1629
• St. Mary – (816) 252-8733
• St. Pius X – (816) 453-3450

Diocesan Support through Bright Futures Fund
Bright Futures Fund also includes another program to assist families who desire Catholic school education for their children. The Strong City School Fund builds upon the tradition of the Central City School Fund in providing needs-based assistance to low-income children in Kansas City’s urban core. A Bright Futures Fund, the Fund will continue to support Holy Cross, Our Lady of the Angels and Our Lady of Guadalupe schools in Kansas City’s urban core.

At the helm of the fund is Kerry Essmann, charged with raising public and private funds to supplement ongoing diocesan support.

"One of seven children, I watched my parents sacrifice to send us to Catholic schools,” said Kerry Essmann, executive director of the Bright Futures Fund. “Now, as a parent of two Catholic school graduates, I have a much greater appreciation of what it takes to provide the gift of a Catholic education. I am blessed to raise scholarships to assist families who want their children to have a faith-based education,” she said.

For more information about Bright Futures Fund, visit BrightFuturesFund.org, or contact Jeremy Lillig, associate director, at (816) 714-2362.

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