5th Grade Vocation Days

5th Grade Vocation Days is open to all 5thgraders, Boys and Girls, who attend  our Catholic Schools, and to those Homeschoolers as well. 

We have in the past tried to figure out a way to inform/include 5th Graders in our public schools but have really not had success.  We do encourage every 5th Grader in our Catholic Schools, which would include our non-Catholic 5thGraders, to attend the event.

5th Grade Vocation Days run on two consecutive days.  This allows for our numbers to be more reasonable.  We usually have around 275 to 350 students for each day.  The Schools are invited by our Vocation Office and are asked to send a roster and the day that they prefer.


This year, we started with Bishop Johnston celebrating Mass for us at St. John Francis Regis. The Mass began at 9:30 a.m. and was followed by the Men in Black and Sister, Sister Talks, P-DUB/Entertainment and a very special time we all shared in Adoration/Benediction at the end of our program.

The next 5th Grade Vocation Days will be held on Wednesday, February 24 and Thursday, February 25, 2016.

If you would like more information about this annual program, please feel free to contact our Vocation Office.


Fr. Richard Rocha, Vocation Director

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