Virtus Protecting Gods Children for Adults

What is Virtus Protecting God's Children for Adults? 
Virtus: Protecting God's Children for Adults is a program adopted by many dioceses to ensure safe environments in all parishes, schools, and diocesan programs. The focus of the FREE training is to increase awareness about the nature of child sexual abuse. The VIRTUS program is an awareness session that includes videos and discussion as well as online training bulletins for employees. To preview the program click on http://www.virtus.org/virtus/preview_pgc.cfm                                 

To see the list of upcoming scheduled workshops and to register click here. www.virtusonline.org/virtus
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Every adult Catholic in the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph is invited to attend
one of these educational forums designed to raise awareness of child sexual abuse.  The  free workshops provide valuable information about how to maintain child-safe environments.  Participants learn the warning signs of abuse, strategies for handling suspicions of abuse, and ways to respond to abuse.

Since September 2002 the diocese has provided over 700 workshops to more than 23,500 adults as of 3/2012.

should attend these programs?
The forums are designed for any adult member of a parish or school community. 
Additionally, all people who minister with youth in our diocese are required to
attend- all priests, deacons, school teachers and caregivers, parish Directors of religious education and Youth Ministry and all volunteers in parish and school programs for children and youth.

Who developed Protecting God's Children?
The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc., saw a need to develop
community education on this topic.  At each stage of development, they consulted
with nationally-known experts and program and service providers.

Who leads the sessions?
The three hour sessions are led by facilitators trained by Virtus.
Sessions are also held in Spanish and Vietnamese as needed.

Online Education for Diocesan Employees (pdf) 
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Diocesan priests, deacons and employees working with children also are required to read continuing education in the form of monthly online Virtus bulletins.


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