Assistance for Victims of Sexual Abuse

What happens when you report sexual abuse?  
As a faith community, the diocese wants any person who ever has been abused
by a priest or employee of the diocese to come forward with the confidence that
they will be heard and helped.

In addition to making a report to civil authorities, please make a report to the diocese by contacting: , Ombudsman and Public Liaison Officer
(816) 812-2500

When the diocese receives a report of sexual abuse, the primary consideration is the pastoral care of the individual making the report. The first and foremost concern is to offer comfort and resources for healing. Individuals are advised that they may contact civil authorities, attorneys, or media representatives. 
The individual is offered the opportunity to meet with the Ombudsman and the Victim Services Coordinator.  At the meeting, the Ombudsman listens to the victim's experience and tries to determine the circumstances through further investigation. The allegations and the evidence are referred to the Independent Review Board.

The Victim Services Coordinator assists with the healing process -- listening, offering support, and suggesting counseling resources for victims and families at the initial meeting and throughout their healing process.

The Independent Review Board reviews cases and makes recommendations to
the bishop about the status of the accused and fitness for church ministry. 
Diocesan policy states that any person permanently withdrawn from ministry on
the recommendation of the Independent Review Board may not return to

Our Policies
As early as 1988, the diocese had policies in place that provided for lay
involvement in the process of responding to allegations of sexual abuse.  The
Immediate Response Team and the Independent Review Board are expected to
review cases with independence and objectivity.

What to do if you need to talk with someone else 
In addition to a wide variety of mental health organizations, Catholic Charities
offers individual and family counseling through Counseling Solutions.

Catholic Charities Counseling Solutions
(816) 333-2040
Toll Free Numbers for Catholic Charities
(800) 875-4377 (Kansas City)
(888) 629-2886 (St. Joseph)
(888) 626-4245 (Warrensburg)

Qu hacer si usted necesita hablar con alguien mas?
En adicin a una variedad bastante grande de organizaciones de salud mental,
Caridades Catlicas ofrece consejo para individuos y/o familias.
Soluciones de Asesoramiento
(816) 333-2040
Nmeros especiales y gratuitos:
(800) 875-4377 (Kansas City)
(888) 629-2886 (St. Joseph)
(888) 626-4245 (Warrensburg)

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