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The Office of Sacred Worship of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph offers workshops for the training of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors, and Extraordinary Ministers to the Sick and Homebound. If you are interested in one of these ministries please contact your Pastor


To:      Pastors, Pastoral Associates, and Liturgists

From:  The Office of Sacred Worship

            Deacon Ralph Wehner, Director

            Katie Beyers, Associate Director

            Ryan O'Laughlin, Administrative Assistant

Date:   August 22, 2011

Re:      Liturgical Ministry Workshop Schedule and Information


As we prepare for our Fall training season the Office of Worship wishes to announce some changes to how these workshops will be conducted.


*Please note some important changes to the workshops and the registration/payment process. These changes are a result of feedback collected from the evaluation forms filled out by workshop participants. These evaluation forms will continue to be an important part of the on-going development of these workshops.


When are training sessions?


Workshops will normally be offered on Saturday mornings. Please note that there are workshops offered in English and Spanish. The Spanish workshops are offered through the joint efforts of the Office of Worship and the Hispanic Ministry Office. These are the only sessions that will be scheduled for this season so please register any new lectors or extraordinary ministers for one of these workshops. There will be additional workshops in the Spring but there is no guarantee that a workshop will be done in these same regions.


Who can register?


The Office of Worship does not accept registrations from individual parishioners. Registration can only be done through the parish and with the approval of the Pastor. Candidates for these ministries must be Confirmed Catholics in good standing with the Church. The Office of Worship seeks to partner with the parishes of the Diocese to provide well selected and well trained Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and Ministers to the Sick and Homebound. We rely on the assistance of the parishes to select candidates and to prepare them spiritually for the service they seek to offer. The Office of Worship will provide the Theological and Practical training required for these ministries but we rely on the Pastors to approve individuals to serve as lectors and extraordinary ministers. To ensure that all parishioners seeking training are approved by their pastor the registration form is password protected. This also protects the parishes from being charged for parishioners who are not approved for training.

*Important note. Anyone wishing to be trained as an Extraordinary Minister to the Sick and Homebound must first be trained as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.


How to register


The registration form is located on the Worship Offices webpage. Click here to be connected to our online schedule.. All registrations must be completed using this form and must be submitted electronically. If you experience any difficulty with the online registration feel free to call Ryan O'Laughlin at 816-756-1850 x242 for assistance. Please fill out all of the information on the form completely. The registration deadline for all workshops will be at 6pm on Monday, the week of the workshop. No registrations will be accepted after this time. The Office of Worship will send out an email reminder to Pastors, Pastoral Associates, and Liturgists two weeks before the workshop so that interested parishioners can be contacted.


What is involved?


*Important change. Please note new registration, start, and end times. Responding to the evaluation forms from attendees workshops for Lectors and EMs have now been shortened to a half-day schedule. Workshops for Ministry to the Sick and Homebound will continue to be a full day. Workshops will begin at 8:30am and will end by 1:00pm for Lectors and EMs and 3:30pm for EMs to the Sick and Homebound. Registration opens at 8:00am. The day consists of prayer, a theological presentation, an opportunity for questions, and a practicum for each ministry. Everyone will receive a packet with handouts for the day and a Guide book specific to their ministry. There will be breaks throughout the day and snacks and beverages will be provided. Due to the shortened schedule lunch will no longer be provided at the Lector/EM workshop but will be offered for the Sick and Homebound training.

*Important Change. There is now different content in the packets that are given out at workshops. The Office of Worship has worked hard to keep the cost of workshops at $20 per person. In order to accomplish this, the materials that are given out at the workshops have changed. We will no longer supply new lectors and extraordinary ministers with the dated annual books from LTP. They will continue to receive the Ministry Guide books from the Liturgical Ministry Series. Parishes can order the Lector Workbooks as well as the Catholic Handbook for Visiting the Sick and Homebound  through the Book Service that is now offered through the Bishop Helmsing Institute Bookstore.


Billing Policy

Cost of the workshops remains at $20 per person or $30 if you do both EMHC and Lector Training. The Office will not accept payment from individual parishioners but will bill the parishes that register them after the workshop is completed. It is up to the parish to bill individuals or not. *Important Change. Please do not send payment when registering a parishioner. Hold payment until you receive an invoice from the Office of Worship. *Please include the invoice number on the memo line of the check.


Cancellation Policy

The Office of Worship must work with the host parishes to determine hospitality needs. Because of this it is impossible to accept registrations after the deadline. The Office of Worship must be notified in writing of any cancellations. If this notification is received before the registration deadline there will be no charge applied. If the notification is received after the deadline the parish will be charged $4 ($8 for Sick/Homebound). If there is no notification before the day of the workshop then the parish will be charged $20.



Parishes will receive in electronic format the Certificate of parishioners who attended.  Please note that there is a line on the certificates for a Pastor signature. Because these individuals must be approved and commissioned by the Pastor in order to serve in these ministries we have provided this line for his signature. An administrator may sign these certificates only in parishes that do not have a pastor. These certificates are not a commissioning by the Bishop or Diocese to serve in this ministry at any parish. They are a certification that the person has received the proper theological and practical training necessary for the ministry. Lectors and Extraordinary Ministers always serve at the discretion and commissioning of the Pastor.


Host Parishes

The Office of Worship desires to provide training opportunities to everyone in the Diocese. In order to do this we strive to schedule our workshops in all the regions of the Diocese, but to do this we need the help of host parishes. Beginning Fall 2011 the Catholic Center will become the main host location for the Kansas City Metro area. The schedule for the Fall workshops is set but if your parish is interested in hosting a workshop in the Spring 2012 please contact Ryan O'Laughlin in the Office of Worship at 816-756-1850 x242 or olaughlin@diocesekcsj.org. Because of the cost involved in putting on a workshop there must be at least 25 participants (15 for Sick/Homebound) registered. If a workshop is cancelled, the Office of Worship will contact the parishes with registered parishioners and send an email to the registrants if an email is provided on the registration form.


Thank you for participating in our formation programs.  Any suggestions for future offerings or comments on present offerings are most welcome. Please let us know if you would like a diocesan formation session held at your parish.


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