Pro-Life Boot Camp


Registration for the 2014 Teen Pro-Life Boot Camp is now OPEN!!

Speakers, education, Masses and prayer, activities, food, t-shirts, and...takin it to  the streets!   The Pro-Life Offices of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas and the Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph are proud to once again sponsor the      4th Annual Truth Illuminated Teen Pro-Life Boot Camp! 

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Local pro-life leaders will join our priests and seminarians to cover the following topics:

  • The Church's teaching on the Sanctity of Human Life
  • Pro-Life Apologetics
  • Planned Parenthood, Prayer Vigils, and Sidewalk Counseling
  • Contraception
  • Theology of the Body
  • Post-Abortion Healing
  • Divine Mercy, Rosaries...and much, much more.

Special Events:

Program Costs .............................................................................  FREE!


All campers must pre-register. Although there is no cost to attend, we must collect all appropriate documentation prior to the start of camp and we need to have an accurate count of participants in order to plan meals and materials.  There will be no registrations at the door on Friday July 25.

  • To mail in your registration, please print a copy of the brochure above, complete the "enlistment form" section, and either email to francis@diocesekcsj.org or send to the address below for your respective arch(diocese).


Youth Medical Release & Rules of the Road Form


      Included in the are:


  • Diocese Event Participation Health Form (Please complete and return)
  • Diocese Youth Consent for Medication Form (Please complete and return)
  • Diocese Medication Policy
  • Teen Pro-Life Boot Camp Rules of the Road (Please complete and return)
  • Teen Pro-Life Boot Camp Information Sheet

Please print, complete, and mail the forms above to your diocese Respect Life Office no later than Friday July 18, 2014.



To learn more, contact your local diocesan Respect Life Office:


              Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas:

              Pro-Life Office
              12615 Parallel Parkway
              Kansas City, KS 66109 
              (913) 647-0350


              Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph:

              Respect Life Office
              P.O. Box 419037

              Kansas City, MO 64141
              (816) 756-1850 x544 


Doesnt calling it a "boot camp" convey a message of violence and the exact opposite impression we want?

It cannot be over-emphasized that because we are called by God to work to eliminate the violence against our unborn brothers and sisters throughout our land, we must also oppose the use of violence in any form to achieve this objective.  As for those misguided individuals who might perpetrate acts of violence in the name of ending abortion, they must understand the decision to take a human life to solve a problem is a choice that can never be pro-life.
In todays global environment, it is easy to assume that talk about our military is synonymous with talk about war and violence but we must never forget that these brave individuals proudly promote peace and courageously provide humanitarian support in a world that is often either violently opposed to or apathetically indifferent to their efforts.   Our men and women in uniform represent courage, respect, commitment, knowledge, pride, discipline, and teamwork.  They will be the first to acknowledge that peace is always the ultimate goal. 
When we consider the cost of any war, whether in dollars or in trauma to the participants or in the loss of innocent lives, it is no different in the current war on the unborn.  It is precisely the billion-dollar abortion business, the exploitation of the poor and vulnerable, the tragedy and pain for the survivors of abortion, and ultimately the killing of thousands of innocent Americans every day that we all need to work together to end and in so doing, we too must always hold peace as our ultimate goal.   
Basic training at boot camp includes physical fitness, instruction in rules of engagement, military tradition and history, and pride in appearance.  Teen Pro-Life Boot Camp includes spiritual fitness, instruction in effective peaceful pro-life activism, Church tradition and teaching on the sanctity of all human life, and the importance of presenting the right image.

Every Sunday at Mass we hear, For peace and justice around the world and for the safety of our troops, we pray to the Lord."   Our annual Summer teen pro-life camp is directed at training our youth to safely defend peace and justice right here at home as faithful pro-life Catholics in a nation that is absolutely at war against the unborn.  

Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
Saint Michael the Archangel,
Defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
And do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
By the Divine Power of God -
Cast into hell, Satan and all the evil spirits,
Who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

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