Men of Valor Conference

Men of Valor and Women of Virtue Conferences



This year's conference for Men of Valor was held next November of 2015. 
Featured speakers for the upcoming conference in November 2015 will be announced next summer

The Women of Virtue conference will be announced at the same time.


Men of Valor: comments from people who attended last year:

·        “I am amazed at how encouraging you all were.  I'll remember this... For the rest of my life.”  (from a 14 year old who came with his dad)

·        “I've been here for the last three years and it is really encouraging that something like this exists.  It has really helped me.”

·        “I love the fellowship and community I feel here.”

·        “Thank you so much.  It was an amazing experience like always.”

·        “I think this is a well needed ministry.  There are so many men than are lost and need direction in all that has been presented here. Thank you so much!”

·        “I am always enlightened, blessed, and humbled by MOV.”

·        “1st time, loved it.  Hope to be back next year with more brothers.”


Women of Virtue: Comments from those who attended last year:

·        “My fiancé and I both attended this weekend.  This has been very helpful for our future together.  Thank you.”

·        “Thank you for your efforts, time, & passion for the hope of transforming our hearts in the world today.”

·        “This is such a great conference!  This is my 3rd conference, and I always look forward to attending.  Thank you for reaching out on this "taboo" topic.”

·        “Appreciate men speaking about sexual purity and taking the leadership role needed so badly in our culture.”

·        “This came at a very important time in my life.  It has helped renew my faith in women and men living an authentic Christian life!”

·        “I thought this was fantastic and applicable to other avenues/challenges in life, not just sexuality.  This was my first time attending - I really enjoyed it.”

·        “It was fantastic!  So, so worth my time and glad I came.”


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