Lead Couple Training

Training for Lead Couples   

Materials training for "Together in God's Love"

June 20th, 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in St. Joseph

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The Family Life Office provides initial orientation and training for married couples to acquaint them with one two approved program models.  The pastor or lead couple coordinator determines the specific training model for their lead couples.  The training will include theoretical principles on building successful relationships and practical instructions for using the resource material.

You may wish to read the for the detailed explanation of the Lead Couple training and recruitment process.

PROGRAM OPTIONS for use by parish Lead Couples:

Please contact Dino Durando via  or phone 816-714-2371 to request review materials.



The Office of Family Life has completed a review process of new program materials and is pleased to share the comments of Bishop Robert Finn on the new materials and training process.

Letter from the bishop:

I am pleased to announce the approval of new programs to be used by Lead Couples for marriage preparation. It is my hope that these new resources which address the many recent developments in culture that challenge the sacrament of marriage will be a great aid to you and your parish volunteers in this work.

These programs only affect the Lead Couple part of the marriage preparation process. There are no other changes to the existing process.

From November 2012 to May 2013 a review board of 25 members clergy and laity reviewed five possible programs to determine their usability and fidelity. The primary standards of the review were the USCCB letter Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan (2010) and the guidelines from the USCCB  (2005).  Two programs,  and Together in Gods Love, stood out as clear examples of writers/publishers who took the USCCB letter on marriage as an inspiration and have therefore been approved for use in the diocese.  Another online marriage preparation program, Agape Catholic Marriage Preparation, has been approved for use in special circumstances.

  I ask that you consider hosting a marriage enrichment program at your parish in cooperation with the Office of Family Life.  Lead Couples will be chosen from this group of marriage enrichment participants who will receive help discerning if the work of serving as a Lead Couple is right for them. Pastors and Pastoral Administrators will then approve married couples to attend training in the program chosen by their parish and receive Lead Couple training specific to that program.

The implementation period will last approximately one year.  Following the completion of this implementation we would like to see every parish using these approved programs in their marriage preparation process.

 May God bless our efforts to support the engaged and married

In Christ and Mary,

Most Reverend Robert W. Finn, Bishop of Kansas City  St. Joseph 

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