Approved Textbook Series

Approved Textbook Series for Use in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph

Our Process

The Textbook selection committee recommends to the bishop of the diocese the best religion texts available in accord with criteria given in Church documents. The purpose is to fulfill the Bishops responsibility to issue norms for catechetics, [and] to make provision that suitable instruments for catechesis are available . . . (CIC,c.775; CCEO, c.621). The National Directory for Catechesis asks bishopsto establish aprocess for the evaluation of catechetical materials proposed for use in his diocese(NDC 70). This process has produced the list of texts that have been approved by the Bishop. Other texts may be approved after evaluation by the Committee which consists of principals, teachers, catechists, diocesan directors, etc.

 Approved Catholic School Texts:

Highest Recommendation:

       Ignatius: Faith and Life and 2) Image of God

       Our Sunday Visitor: Alive in Christ

   Other Approved Text Series:

       Loyola: Christ Our Life and 2) Finding God

RCL Benziger: Be My Disciples

       Sadlier:  We Believe (K-6)


Additional Approved Resources:

1)      St. Marys Press: Catholic Childrens Bible:Read It! Live It! Love It!

2)      BreakThrough: The Bible for Young Catholics (Bible for Middle School Children)

 Approved Hispanic PSR Resources:

a.      For the Sacrament of Baptism: Unllamado a celebrar el Bautismo (A Call to celebrate Baptism) from Our Sunday Visitor (Both versions: English and Spanish).

b.      For the Sacrament of Confirmation: Para confirmar la Fe y la Vida (To Confirm Faith and Life) (San Pablo edition).

c.       Serie Fe y Vida (Faith and Life Series from Ignatius Press)    Preferred.

 For First Communion, Bilingual Edition from Loyola Press:

               1.     Gods Gift: Reconciliation (Loyola Press)

               2.     Gods Gift: The Eucharist (Loyola Press)

d.   Puentes de Fe (Bridges of Faith) (Loyola Press)

e.   Llamados a ser catholicos; (Called to be Catholic) (Loyola Press)

f.   Conociendo nuestra fe catholica;  Knowing Our Catholic Faith, English; 

g.   Encontrando a Dios, (Finding God) Spanish. (Loyola Press)

h.    The Bilingual edition of We Believe (Sadlier)

  High School Series

      Didache Series 

Confirmation Resources:

Highest Recommendation:

Decision Point by Matthew Kelly (free online resource)

Chosen: Your Journey Towards Confirmation DVD Set with Chris Stefanic by Ascension Press

Other Approved Series:

1)     St. Marys Press: Confirmed in a Faithful Community

2)     Lifeteen:  Lifeteen One Eight Confirmation Curriculum

3)     Diocese of Phoenix:  YM Central Kenosis Confirmation and Renewal Curriculum             Version 2.0 

      Note: If your parish desires to use other texts, please submit them to the Textbook Selection Committee at the diocese for approval through the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis.      

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